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The City of Vallejo has partnered with Oracle Inc. to bring online permitting to Vallejo!  Beginning in June, 2020, permits were rolled out in phases, starting with the Building Electrical Permit.  As of December 1st, the Building Division's Plumbing, Mechanical and Building permit are also available.  In addition, the following Public Works Engineering permits are now available - Address Change/Assignment, Encroachment/Excavation, Grading/Dredging, Subdivision/Non Subdivision Improvement, Right-of-Way/Easement Abandonment and Special Event.  Planning and Fire Prevention permits and Code Enforcement will be introduced in 2021. 

For more information on the software features, click here.  You can also click on the individual links below to learn specific information.

Vallejo Online Permitting Basics
Registering as a User - How-To Video  Click below to start your online permit!
Registering as a User - Written Instructions Online Permitting Link
Updating Your Profile - How-To Video
Updating Your Profile - Written Instructions
Applying for a Permit - How-To Video
Applying for a Permit - Option 1 - From the Home Page
Applying for a Permit - Option 2 - From the Map
Paying for a Permit - How-To Video
Paying for a Permit
Tracking the Progress of Your Permit
Requesting an Inspection - How-To Video
Requesting an Inspection - Option 1 - From Your Permit
Requesting an Inspection - Option 2 - From the Home Page
Cancelling an Inspection

Online Permitting Landing Page
Finding Your Stuff
Paying for a Permit