Disaster Preparedness

City of Vallejo Disaster Preparedness

The City of Vallejo has a comprehensive emergency plan in place to protect help the health and safety of the community should disaster strike. The level of disaster is dictated by the severity of the emergency. The City recognizes three levels of disaster which correspond with the State of California Office of Emergency Service (OES) and the City’s emergency plan.

Level 1: A moderate to severe incident 
Level 2: A moderate to severe emergency 
Level 3: A major disaster 

We recommend you and your family make an emergency plan of your own. Families can plan and prepare in advance to help them work as a team and cope with disaster. What would you do if basic services like water, electricity or phone lines were cut off? How will you contact each other if you are apart; what will be your response to an emergency situation? Knowing what to do and when will be your best protection.  

Solano County Office of Emergency Services

Please visit the Solano County Office of Emergency Services for more information on disaster preparedness for your family or business at Get Ready Solano.